Know Your Rights When Injuries Result From Malfunctioning Medical Devices

When people go to the doctor or hospital because they are injured or sick, they expect that they will be better sooner rather than later. But, many people are finding this is not always the case; many things can go wrong. Medical malpractice is one of the biggest concerns on patient’s minds. One thing patients do not typically think about is malfunctioning medical devices. The sad fact is, however, that defective medical devices are becoming more common and are being used more frequently. If you depend on a defective medical device, your life may already be in jeopardy and you do not even know it.

All kinds of medical devices or equipment can malfunction. Things like syringes, pumps, patient lifts, and replacement or false body parts can all malfunction and cause serious patient injury or damage. But, compared to some of the other medical devices that have the potential for failure, these devices are typically the last of any qualified physician’s concerns. If a device such as a pacemaker malfunctions while inside your body, or if a defibrillator malfunctions, it may cost you your life.

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