Staffing Issues Can Lead To Nursing Home Neglect

When a family places a loved one in a nursing home or care facility, it trusts that the home has thoroughly checked each staff member, nurse or aide that will work with the elderly individual.

At Healy Scanlon Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in investigating allegations of abuse in nursing homes, putting together the evidence to show how harm was caused and what the home should have done to prevent it. If there were staffing issues that caused the abuse, we will demand accountability of those who made the hiring decision or failed to provide adequate training.

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Common Nursing Home Abuse And Staffing Issues

Some of the main causes of nursing home staffing issues stem from:

  • Inadequate background checks — We will investigate to determine if an adequate background check was conducted on the staff member who caused the abuse. If there were issues in the individual’s past that should have raised red flags, we will hold the nursing home accountable for the hiring decision. This could include past cases of sexual, physical or verbal abuse, as well as a criminal record.
  • Training issues — Some types of abuse stem from poor training. We will take a close look at the training procedures in the home to find if the facility should have better trained staff. This is often the root cause of issues like neglect, bed bugs, medication errors and other thoughtlessness that result in harm to residents.
  • Failure to supervise and understaffing — If the home does not keep enough staff to provide adequate care and supervision to all residents, abuse can easily occur.

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By getting to the root of the problem, our lawyers can not only hold the home accountable for the pain your loved one suffered, but we can help to ensure that other residents are not harmed. Call 312-226-4236 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Evening and weekend consultations are available.

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