Be Sure You Are Fully Compensated For A Construction Site Fall

Accidents in the construction industry frequently result in serious injuries that affect an individual for the remainder of his or her life. It is important that you are represented by an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the industry and knows how to prove the extent of your injuries for your legal case. If you are suffering from a serious injury as the result of a construction site fall or other type of accident, you can turn to the team at Healy Scanlon Veugeler Gannon.

At our firm, we are known for our proven track record. Over the years, we have obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. Regardless of the complexity of a case, we seek to reach the maximum amount of compensation for our clients and the highest level of quality of care. Our lawyers find gratitude knowing that we are able to help our clients get back on their feet and help them receive the financial recovery they deserve.

Experienced Construction Site Accident Attorneys

Your employer is obligated to provide adequate training and work equipment in order for you to be able to do your job. If your employer has acted negligently and you have been injured, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois. We will strongly advocate for your needs. Our firm represents people who have been seriously injured in situations involving:

  • Ladder falls
  • Falls from scaffolding
  • Falls from machinery
  • Falls from defective work equipment

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