Surgical Instruments Left In The Body

Getting surgery on any body part can be a stressful, scary experience, even if you are working with the best possible surgeons. What you should not have to fear is a preventable error like leaving a surgical instrument inside your body causing you additional pain and suffering and putting your recovery in jeopardy.

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Holding Doctors, Nurses And Hospitals Accountable

While it may be hard to believe that surgical instruments left in the body can happen, a government data and other studies have shown that this preventable error happens thousands of times a year.

The most common surgical instrument left behind are surgical sponges. These and other types of surgical instruments can cause:

  • Infections that in some cases can be fatal
  • The need for additional surgery, which could include having to take out pieces of organs
  • Extended stays in the hospital
  • Tremendous physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Additional medical costs that never should have occurred

In a case like this, you need attorneys who know how to build a successful claim for compensation. We understand hospital procedures and can work with subject matter experts to determine where errors were made and the extent of the damages. This is why we have some of the largest personal injury verdicts and settlements on record.

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