GM Ignition Switches And Product Liability

Manufacturers in any industry have an obligation to ensure that their products do not expose consumers to an unreasonable risk of injury. There can be many reasons a defective product makes it into the market. Design problems in automobile parts may go unnoticed due to oversight or a lack of diligence in safety testing. Business decisions concerning the increased cost of replacing a faulty part can also pose a risk to consumers.

The GM Ignition Switch Recall

In September, 2015, news organizations throughout the country announced that federal prosecutors agreed to settle a criminal matter with General Motors after a Justice Department investigation linked a defect in GM ignition switches to more than 120 deaths, and many more personal injuries. The automaker admitted that it had known of the product defect for more than a decade, but kept the problem secret prior to recalling 2.6 million cars, according to CBS News.

Many accident victims, and surviving family members of victims, were left without answers to questions about what caused the car accidents. As more and more accidents occurred, it became clear that the ignition switches were dangerous. While traveling at any speed, the switch could fall out of the run position, causing the engine to stall. Vital controls, such as power steering and power brakes would be disabled. The air bags would not deploy to protect drivers and passengers involved in a car accident.

Seeking Justice For Accident Victims And Their Families

In the automotive industry, auto recalls may seem commonplace. However, the manufacturers frequently drag their feet in ordering a recall until they determine the cost of facing product liability, personal injury or wrongful death claims exceeds the cost of replacing the dangerous part. The attorneys at Healy Scanlon Law Firm in Chicago are dedicated to holding negligent manufacturers responsible for the harm they cause. Our lawyers have substantial experience obtaining answers and justice for accident victims.

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