A Nursing Home Death May Be Cause For Legal Action

Even though your elderly loved one is at a time in his or her life where death is closer in time, it does not mean that all deaths are expected. Unexpected deaths that are suspicious, including incidents of abuse, neglect or nursing home negligence should be reported immediately. If you believe your loved one died a nursing home death due to negligence it is critical that you reach out to our Chicago, Illinois, law firm immediately.

At Healy Scanlon Law Firm, we provide experienced and compassionate nursing home neglect and wrongful death representation. When an elderly loved one’s death presents itself as questionable, including the circumstances surrounding the untimely death, we will be there to investigate for negligence. Remember, if you have a bad feeling about the situation you are probably right. Instincts should not be ignored.

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Attorneys For An Unexpected Death In A Nursing Home

When a death is unexpected and suspicious, we will go through all the nursing home records, surveillance footage, staffing records and any other data that can help bring us closer to the truth of what really happened when your loved one past away. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect cases are not uncommon. We will thoroughly comb through all relevant facts and witness statements to hold all negligent parties responsible.

Types of nursing home neglect that can lead to the untimely death of an elderly loved one include:

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