Nursing Home Abuse Negligence Attorney

Nursing home abuse or neglect is the direct result of negligence or wrongdoing. While these things happen because of specific employee actions (or inactions), the negligence is not always a reflection of an employee’s personal work ethics and integrity. In many cases, negligence is institutionalized through nursing home administrative processes, understaffing and other operational challenges.

At Healy Scanlon Law Firm, we do not believe these circumstances excuse the negligent behavior that harmed your loved one. We do, however, recognize that without bringing the true cause of nursing home abuse/neglect to light, we will never be able to truly solve the problems that our clients face.

If your loved one was hurt in a nursing home or adult care facility, and you need help taking action, schedule a free initial consultation at our Chicago personal injury law firm today. We can help.

I’m Suspicious Of The Quality Of Nursing Home Care My Loved One Is Receiving. What Should I Look For?

The first thing you need to do is keep a record of the condition your loved one is in when you visit. Are there unexplained bruises or injuries? Does your loved one have a changing mood that is not characteristic of his or her condition? Emotional and physical traumas from the patient are the first and most important signs of wrongdoing in a nursing home or adult care facility.

Beyond this, look around for signs of administrative negligence.

  • Does the nursing staff appear rushed and unable to accommodate patient needs, particularly in emergency situations?
  • Do you notice mistakes in how medication has been administered?
  • Does new personnel appear uncertain of how to solve a problem or treat a patient?

In many cases, lack of training and understaffing are significant contributors to nursing home negligence. When employees lack the resources to give proper care, they will cut corners or simply make mistakes. The troubling part is: those mistakes can literally cost someone his or her life.

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