Injuries While Jet Skiing Can Result From Product Defects

Water sports and water-based activities are enjoyed by many all around the world and in some places, all year long. Jet Skis have become quite popular in recent years and this has some safety experts troubled. There have been numerous reported Jet Ski recalls over the years, and many lawsuits have been seen the court system as a result. Not even the most popular manufacturers in the industry are exempt from this.

Just look at the 2000 case were Kawasaki recalled two models of personal watercraft, the JH1200-A1 and JH1200-A2. Kawasaki, one of the largest and most well established players in the industry found that it is possible for excess pressure to build up in the fuel tank of these two particular Jet Ski models. This can result in a fire or even explosion. If you were injured in such an incident involving a Kawasaki jet ski, you may have a valid case against the company.

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