Defective Tires Can Have Dire Consequences

Good tires is crucial to your vehicle’s performance. Proper tires improve gas mileage, speed, and breaking abilities. There have been many brands of vehicle tires recalled over the years due to various safety concerns. The most famous is the voluntary Bridgestone/Firestone recall initiated in 2000.

This recall affected a variety of specific tires that were distributed throughout North America and Mexico. Everyone who owned a vehicle with these tires was given a brand new set of tires in exchange for the defective ones—regardless of whether the tires were brand new from the manufacturer or if they were replacement tires.

Though the exact safety issues involved in this specific Firestone case were never determined, a spokesperson for the company said they believe extreme heat was an important factor in the failure of these tires. The company’s reason for believing this is because the majority of reports were coming out of states like California, Arizona, Florida and Texas, which at the time, were all experiencing above-average temperatures.

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