Fall Cleaning Safety Guide

At the Healy Scanlon Law Firm in Chicago, we do more than just advocate for client after they have been injured. We want you to avoid getting injured in the first place.

When fall rolls around, we start seeing more and more clients suffering from particular injuries. Some of these injuries are legally actionable because of defective products, for instance. Other injuries, however, are eminently avoidable.

Easy Ways To Avoid A Seasonal Injury In The Fall

The Chicago area presents a few unique Midwestern obstacles. Unfortunately, many of us are so used to these scenarios, we stop giving them the attention they deserve. That’s when an accident can strike.

Will you be raking leaves? Make sure you take a break if necessary. The amount of leaves you used to rake years ago in one burst is not the same amount you can rake now. Raking, like shoveling snow, is a deceptively physically intensive activity and can result in strained muscles and even more serious injuries, including heart attacks.

Will you be cleaning leaves out of your gutters? Consider hiring someone. The days of teetering atop the old ladder may be best left behind. Particularly with any soft ground or slippery gutters, falling off the ladder or even having the ladder slide off the side of the house is not something that only happens on television.

Are you going to be cutting any tree branches? Make sure you clearly mark any power lines or cables that may be going through the tree. Also, keep in mind many of the considerations that also apply to raking and cleaning the gutters. Sawing a branch often exerts your body more than you anticipate. A ladder, dangerous enough on its own, now forms an extra hazard if you are sawing while standing on a ladder that may not be at its most stable when positioned near a tree.

For those reasons, consider having a friend hold your ladder for you when you are cutting branches. This friend can also help you spot any obstacles like power wires.

Underlying all of these approaches is a heightened awareness of what you are doing. By renewing your attention to these details even just for this season, you may go a long way in keeping yourself safe in the future.

Know Your Rights

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