Defective Roof Materials Can Result In Extensive Property Damage

You May Be Able To Recover Compensation For Your Property Losses

Homeowners take great care to maintain their home and protect their investment. But, when damage or injury is caused because of a defective roof structure or because of certain materials have been used on your roof, repair costs can add up in a hurry. However, you may not be responsible for such costs if the damage resulted from a defective roof structure or a defective product that was used on the roof of your home.

A prime example of this is a story out of San Francisco, California. When a soon-to-be retiree decided to have the roof of her home replaced, she opted to go with a brand new, much more expensive product. Within a few years, the color of the material began to fade, and when her son went up onto the roof to clean out the gutters, the new tiles cracked and broke. The manufacturer attempted to fix the problem by using a substandard form of caulking, but the problem persisted. There was much damage caused to the possessions and furnishings inside her home because of the leaking roof. In the end, the manufacturer was found responsible and then compensated her for all of the damaged property and repairs.

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