Legal Guidance For Injuries From Defective And Dangerous Toys

One of the most commonly recalled items throughout the entire world are children’s toys; and with so many different toys on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones have been recalled and which ones are perfectly safe. Toys of all shapes and sizes have been recalled in the past, and no doubt, there will be many more recalls in the future. Lately and perhaps most notably, children’s toys that were manufactured in China have been in the public recall spotlight due to levels of lead contained in the paint: and while this is a very serious toy defect, it is not the only problem encountered when inspecting children’s toys for safety concerns by any means.

Possible choking hazards are another big reason that causes many toys to be recalled. A prime example can be seen in the voluntary recall of wooden toy products that were manufactured and released by United States based company Earth-Friendly LLC. According to the recall report, small parts can come loose from the toys, and as such, they present a potential choking hazard to smaller children. The manufacturer even suggested that if your child is in possession of such a toy, that it be disposed off immediately – although there were no report incidents whatsoever.

In addition to choking hazards, another primary reason for children’s toy recalls are fire and burn hazards that are present in many battery-operated and remote-control toys. There have been numerous toys recalled and there have been many injuries throughout the years because of such defective toys.

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