Know Your Rights Following Medication Errors At Nursing Homes

Many elderly people who reside in nursing homes and assisted living facilities require daily medication. Most of the time the medication is vital for the individual due to a medical condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and a number of other common ailments among the elderly. When medication is not properly administered or the wrong dosage is given by nursing home staff, serious complications arise. Sometimes, even the untimely death of a loved one.

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Medication Errors In Nursing Homes

Elderly residents of an assisted care facility should only receive medication from a qualified nurse. The nurse should verify not only the medication prescribed to the patient but also the dosage and instructions for administering. When the nurse fails to adhere to this standard it is considered negligence.

Common medication errors in nursing homes include:

  • Wrong medication
  • Wrong dosage administered (overdose or inadequate dosage)
  • Drug interactions
  • Wrong patient
  • Improper monitoring of patient
  • Failure to respond to patient in a timely manner

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