General Motors Co. Ignition Switch Recall Is Highest Ever

If you wonder whether you should contact the Healy Scanlon Law Firm to pursue an action against GM over its ignition switch failure, wonder no more.

The government has announced a $35 million fine against GM, the highest fine it can levy under the law. In fact, it is the highest fine it has ever levied in a recall situation.

Why Such A High Fine?

This ignition switch was not simply a matter of a defective product being released into the marketplace and then recalled once the manufacturer knew of the defect. Instead, it has been shown that GM knew of the problem for a full decade before doing a recall.

Furthermore, not only did GM know of the problem, it purposely delayed the recall. By delaying the recall, GM ultimately hoped to save itself money and embarrassment.

Instead, the defective ignition switches led to at least 13 deaths. Moreover, despite its delay, GM had to recall more than 2.6 million vehicles.

The recall could have been done earlier, but GM refused to tell any government authorities about the problem. Instead, it said nothing until after they announced the recall.

If you or a loved one has been harmed because of a defective GM ignition switch, you need to protect your rights. These cases often involve unique rules and time-sensitive deadlines where your rights are at stake. We have the experience in major defective product cases you can use to fight back against GM’s decision to let people die.

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