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3 common injuries that occur in truck accidents

When it comes to motor vehicle collisions in Chicago, the type of vehicle you end up in an accident with might mean the difference between life and death. While many factors affect the outcome of automobile accidents, incidents involving trucks and commercial vehicles are more likely to lead to critical injuries and a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Any motor vehicle crash can result in injury, but those stemming from truck injuries are not as easy to recover from. There are also certain kinds of trauma that truck accident victims tend to sustain more often than others. Take some time to consider the following common types of truck accident injuries.

Unique dangers posed by tractor-trailers

Tractor-trailers are extremely dangerous, and people should only operate one if they know how to use it. In one tragic case in Illinois, a 12-year-old boy lost his life as a passenger inside a tractor-trailer when it overturned after going off the road. 

A significant number of tractor-trailer accidents occur every year that impact the driver, passengers and others. Everyone on the road needs to remain vigilant of tractor-trailers when driving alongside the vehicles. 

The big risk all truck drivers face

Semitruck drivers are a common sight on interstates throughout the country, and most other drivers take no particular notice of their presence on the freeways. However, every truck driver faces a specific and daily risk factor that can affect everyone else on the road.

In addition to the obvious hazards truckers pose, with such a large vehicle that can cause accidents that are more catastrophic than those involving smaller passenger cars, there are more subtle risks that truckers themselves are responsible for. One of these is something that seems simple but can prove deadly: fatigue behind the wheel.

How dangerous is Chicago's I-80?

Interstate 80 is a major thoroughfare in Illinois. This particular interstate freeway runs coast-to-coast, all the way from San Francisco in the west to New Jersey in the east. In Illinois, I-80 crosses the state from Iowa in the west, entering in Rapids City, and extends all the way to Joliet before entering Indiana.

Given that the area it crosses through in Illinois also covers the Chicago area, I-80 is the site of many accidents in the state, especially trucking accidents. So, just how dangerous is I-80 in the state of Illinois, and what do officials plan to do about it?

The link between understaffing and nursing home abuse and neglect

Leaving a parent or elder loved one in the care of staff members at a nursing home or continuing care facility is always difficult. It can prove even more so, however, if you have concerns about the quality of care your loved one will receive in your absence. While many physicians, nurses, health aides and other health care professionals have the best intentions, even the best medical professionals can make errors and poor judgment calls when they are spread too thin.

Regrettably, understaffing is a very serious problem plaguing American nursing homes, with ABC News reporting that a substantial percentage of nursing homes across Illinois and the nation do not meet current care standards.

Did your accident result from defective crashworthiness?

Over the years, we have seen many improvements made to vehicles in terms of safety features.

However, if you are involved in a vehicle accident, the injuries you sustain may be the result of safety features that did not perform as designed and failed to protect you.

Three top causes of large truck crashes

The major reason big trucks can cause so much damage to a passenger vehicle is their vastly greater size and weight. A tractor-trailer on Illinois roads can weigh up to 80,000 pounds - about 20 times the weight of the average car. Thus, when a truck crashes into a car, it is easy to see which vehicle is likely to sustain more damage. For the passengers of that car, serious injuries and even death can be likely outcomes.

Figuring out the cause of a crash can play a major role if you intend to pursue legal redress. Suing the wrong defendant can leave you with nothing, so it is important to consult an attorney who knows how to unravel the complexities of a trucking accident and develop an effective approach.

How you may unknowingly have a TBI

Serious auto accidents usually come with visible damage to the vehicles and people involved. Because it can be easier to tell when someone is injured, this reliance on explicit symptoms can result in overlooking invisible injuries. This is why it is so important to seek a medical evaluation if you are an accident victim, even if you feel fine or the crash was minor.

One of the easiest injuries to miss is a traumatic brain injury. Here are some of the reasons why you may not realize right away that you have a TBI:

Key points of a nursing home abuse claim

Nursing homes typically promise family members of elderly loved ones that they will provide proper care for the resident. Unfortunately, not all facilities live up to that level of care, and some family members suffer for it.

Thankfully, people can seek restitution through nursing home abuse claims. For those considering such filings, it is important to understand a few key facts.

Key facts about the workers' comp physician relationship

Physicians are supposed to work in the best interest of the patient; however, this is not always the case. When employees seek needed care after an injury on the job, the physicians they see are critical components of their recovery process. 

Some employees may not be fully aware of the influence they have in this decision. There are a few key facts that employees should know about their relationship with their workers' compensation physician.

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