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Key points of a nursing home abuse claim

Nursing homes typically promise family members of elderly loved ones that they will provide proper care for the resident. Unfortunately, not all facilities live up to that level of care, and some family members suffer for it.

Thankfully, people can seek restitution through nursing home abuse claims. For those considering such filings, it is important to understand a few key facts.

Key facts about the workers' comp physician relationship

Physicians are supposed to work in the best interest of the patient; however, this is not always the case. When employees seek needed care after an injury on the job, the physicians they see are critical components of their recovery process. 

Some employees may not be fully aware of the influence they have in this decision. There are a few key facts that employees should know about their relationship with their workers' compensation physician.

Are your household items on the defective products list?

When you think of product liability cases, medical devices, prescription drugs and automobiles may come to mind. While these may make bigger headlines due to their size and scope, they are not the only types of products to cause severe harm.

Even the most minor household item can be unsafe and lead to personal injury by falling apart, malfunctioning or negatively altering your long-term health. How do you know what these things are, and what should you do about them?

2 factors that make someone a risky driver

With the number of car accidents occurring in Chicago increasing, you may feel concern over the risky behaviors of others behind the wheel. Even those with a good driving record who are in the habit of obeying the speed limit may still be putting others in danger. 

Take few moments of your time to review the following information on risky drivers

How nursing home understaffing leads to abuse and neglect

Choosing a nursing home and then leaving your loved one there is never easy, but it can prove far less emotionally taxing when you have trust in the quality of care your loved one will receive. Regrettably, however, not all American nursing homes uphold the standards you would probably like, and part of the rampant problem lies in understaffing.

Nursing home understaffing is prevalent across many parts of the country, with NursingHomeAbuseGuide.com reporting that its affects as many as 95 percent of American nursing homes. Why?

2 lesser-known causes of truck accidents you should know about

The holiday season is well underway. As you and your loved ones in Chicago get ready to enjoy the festivities, shop and travel to spend more time with family and friends, you should think about how commercial vehicle accidents can ruin your plans and change your lives. 

You should not assume every driver, especially truckers, uses the best driving practices. They, just like you, are human. Whereas you drive your vehicle for leisure and work, they drive their vehicles for work. Many of them drive for long hours, through several states and often have very little time for themselves and families. The more time they spend on the roads increases the likelihood of them getting into accidents. To protect yourself and family members, take some time to review the following lesser known causes of truck accidents. 

Product liability claims in Illinois

If you suffer harm because of a person's or a company's actions, you may be entitled to legal compensation. Dealing with damages due to a defective product involves several aspects that differ from other types of personal injury claims.

Pursuing recourse for injuries from a defective product can involve complex questions. An attorney with solid experience in this area can give you more extensive information and advice based on the facts of your case.

Truck accidents, alcohol and drugs

You may already be aware of how dangerous trucks can be, especially when drugs and alcohol involved. The sheer size and weight of commercial vehicles are enough to make you leery when you drive near them on the roads. The thought of truckers driving while intoxicated is downright frightening. 

Because of the nature of their jobs, truckers are held to higher standards than other motorists. Commercial vehicle operators are not allowed to consume or use any substance that could lead to impairment four hours before they are to report to work. They must also submit to regular drug and alcohol testing. 

Who is caring for your loved one in a nursing home?

When you entrust your mother, father or another loved one to the care of a nursing home, you trust what the representatives tell you: that your loved one will receive specialized care, he or she will be happy and your loved one’s well-being will be the top priority. It often comes as a shock when these claims are revealed to be untrue and abuse or neglect has occurred. Bruising, malnutrition and irritability are a few signs of such incidents.

According to ABC News, one in three nursing home patients is a victim of abuse. This may be due, in part, to the prevalence of marginally trained and skilled staff throughout care facilities. The following are several examples of nursing home staff members of which you should be aware:

3 steps for preventing nursing home abuse

As you consider placing your aging parent in a nursing home, one thing to remember is the possibility of abuse. Unfortunately, according to the Nursing Home Abuse Center, rates of abuse are significant, with neglect occurring at more than double the abuse rate. Most of these instances go unreported, however.

You can take preventive measures to reduce the chances of your parent experiencing abuse and neglect while away from your supervision and care. Here are three to get you started.

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