Experienced Legal Counsel For Spinal Injury Lawsuits

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, your life will change significantly. The quality of that life and the lives of your family members may depend on your financial recovery from a personal injury lawsuit.

At Healy Scanlon Law Firm in Chicago, we represent victims of spinal cord damage. Our attorneys have obtained numerous multimillion-dollar recoveries for our clients, including $25.1 million for a driver who was rendered paraplegic in an intersection accident in Schaumburg.

Even if the accident that caused your injury was partially your fault, you can recover compensation damages as long as you were not more than 51 percent responsible.

Planning For Your Future

If you have suffered a life-changing injury, it’s important to plan for all of the ongoing care and assistance you will need for the rest of your life. Our lawyers work with doctors, life planners and economists who can help us project what your future needs will be.

When you suffer a spinal cord injury, you may never be able to do the things you did before. However, treatment options continue to improve. Our job as your attorneys is to help you obtain the financial security you will need to pay for future treatment and technology so you can live as full a life as possible.

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