Injured In A Swimming Pool Accident?

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Many recreational activities come with inherent risks. Individual swimmers and parents whose children go swimming have some responsibility for their own safety. They need to be sure they know how to swim and how to play safely in a pool.

Some safety factors, however, are outside of an individual’s control. That is why there are crucial safety standards that pool owners must adhere to when operating a pool for personal or commercial use. Some of these standards include:

  • Ensuring pool equipment is regularly checked and properly maintained
  • Providing signage that warns of rules of recreation and potential hazards (e.g., pool depth postings, “no running” and “no diving” signs)
  • Using barriers like locked fences, gates and sturdy pool covers that prevent unattended swimmers from using the pool
  • Installing proper lighting if the pool will be used at night

Help Recovering The Compensation You Deserve

At Healy Scanlon Law Firm in Chicago, our attorneys handle a wide range of cases that involve negligence in property ownership or maintenance, including swimming pool accidents and injuries.

We work with clients one on one to determine whether negligence played a role in the case, which party or parties may be held accountable for injury and what legal mechanism will help them recover the most compensation possible for what they have suffered.

Precautions Can Prevent Tragic Accidents

Children are perhaps the most at risk for unexpected injuries in a swimming pool. They are not as aware of safety hazards and need to be monitored at all times. Make sure you speak with your children about playing safely in or around a pool.

Inexperienced, young swimmers should wear proper flotation equipment like life jackets or water wings. Children should avoid jumping or diving into the pool in shallow areas and need to avoid parts of the pool that can prevent them from reaching the surface, such as drains or areas that can catch on swimming suits or life vests.

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