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Decubitus ulcers or bed sores occur when an immobile patient is not repositioned periodically. When these injuries occur in a nursing home, they almost always are a sign of neglect. If the nursing home staff had done their jobs, the injury would not have occurred.

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A bed sore is tissue decay caused by compression of blood vessels and tissues. There are four stages of bed sores:

  • Stage 1 — The sore will be an area of persistent redness in a person with light skin. The ulcer may appear red, blue or purple in a person with darker skin.
  • Stage 2 — The sore will appear as an abrasion, blister or shallow crater.
  • Stage 3 — The sore will appear as a deep crater.
  • Stage 4 — The sore will consist of dead skin and underlying tissue. There may also be damage to muscle and bone.

Bed sores typically develop on areas of a person’s body that bear weight such as the coccyx, hips, heels and elbows. In the majority of cases, the injury can be avoided by re-positioning the patient every two hours.

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