Safety Tips For Avoiding Injury During Fall Cleaning

Each year, thousands of people suffer injuries while taking care of the fall-cleaning chores. Neighbors burning leaves can cause serious damage to your home and property. A fall from a ladder can result in head trauma, broken bones and other substantial personal injury. There is a right way and a wrong way to engage in fall cleanup. The caring attorneys at Healy Scanlon Law Firm offer these fall cleaning safety tips.

Cleaning Gutters

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that more than 164,000 people visit the emergency room each year relating to ladders. A fall from a ladder can cause substantial personal injury. Ladder safety is critical while cleaning the gutters. General safety tips for cleaning the gutters include:

  • Use the proper ladder to reach the gutters safely
  • Check your ladder for loose rungs, screws or bolts
  • Inspect the ladder for debris and dirt that may be slippery when in use
  • Place the ladder on even, dry ground to avoid slipping under load
  • Make sure the safety braces on the ladder are securely in position
  • Avoid reaching too far as the ladder can become unbalanced
  • Use glove, protective eyewear and proper shoes or boots
  • Look out for power lines
  • Use a plastic gutter scoop and garden hose with a spray nozzle to clear debris

Unfortunately, a defective ladder may collapse when safety measures are followed. Check to ensure that your ladder has not been recalled due to defects in design and manufacturing.


Back strains, twisted ankles and falls are common sources of pain while clearing leaves from the yard. You can reduce the risk of injury with some common-sense precautions, including:

  • Warm up by stretching and engaging in light exercise before engaging in the strenuous activity of raking
  • Watch for low branches under trees to avoid hitting your head
  • Bend at the knees when lifting to avoid back strain
  • Beware of uneven terrain in your yard as you use the rake

Burning Leaves

Burning leaves can be hazardous, especially in changing weather conditions. It is important to take safety measures to reduce the risk of harm to property and homes, such as:

  • Check the weather forecast for gusting winds and potential changes in wind direction
  • Beware of how the wind will carry burning leaves and embers that could cause fire
  • Choose a location far away from structures, homes and a neighbor’s property line
  • Dry leaves produce less smoke and toxins
  • Use a metal leaf-burning container, when available to control the fire or clear the area nearby the fire to ensure you can control the blaze
  • Watch the fire and hose down the embers when the leaves are burned
  • Gather the debris and dispose of properly
  • Consider an alternative way to dispose of the leaves to reduce the risk of fire

Obtaining Justice For The Negligence Of Others

If another’s negligence has caused you to suffer personal injury or has damaged your property, you need the assistance from aggressive lawyers who know how to build a compelling case. Our trial-proven attorneys have the resources and experience to obtain the compensation you deserve. Our law firm is well-respected for our results on obtaining some of the largest settlements and verdicts on record. However, we do not rest on our past experience. We draw on the skills we have acquired to stand strong for clients who have suffered harm. Holding negligent actors responsible for their actions promotes safety in the community.

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