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Most homeowners invest a great deal of both time and money buying cleaning products and making sure that their home stays clean, neat, and tidy. If you are using household products that are defective or products that have been recalled, you could actually be doing your home more harm than good. When permanent damage results from using defective household products, you may have a lawsuit against the company.

All kinds of household products can malfunction and cause serious property damage or personal injury. Wal-Mart recently recalled over 200,000 General Electric toasters that were sold in their stores from September 2007 to July 2008 due to possible fire and electric shock risk. Tests have found that a short circuit can occur between the heating element and the toaster’s cage, which could potentially be a very serious problem to consumers. In addition, approximately 3,000 zebra print rugs that were available exclusively through JC Penney have been recalled for not meeting federal flammability standards. If you have suffered household damage as a result of a fire that has spread to one of these rugs, you may be entitled to compensation from JC Penney.

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