Have You Been Injured By Dangerous Work Tools?

You May Have A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Depending on your trade, you may be using any number of hand tools and electric power tools. If such a tool happens to malfunction, serious injury or death can result—not only for the person using the tool, but also for any construction worker nearby.

One prime example of such a recall is the electric drill DDM2 Diamond Core Drilling Machine manufactured by Marcrist in China. According to a report, there is a risk of electric shock to anybody using the drill as the power cable is coated with PVC instead of rubber as it should be. Since there is a possibility that this PVC could break down over time, water or other substances may leak inside and cause a very serious electric shock.

Another prime example of the potential danger that can be caused by defective equipment can be seen in Dewalt’s recall of 1.7 million battery chargers used to provide portable power to electric tools. In some instances, the charger fails to shut off when the battery is fully charged and this can cause in a dangerous and hazardous explosion or fire.

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