Ready To Advocate For You In Cases Involving Defective Seat Belts

Auto manufacturers know their seatbelts may have problems. When these automotive manufacturers ignore the problem simply to save a couple dollars, they end up costing innocent people their lives. There are many things that can go wrong with your vehicle’s seatbelts. For you to try and protect yourself against these dangers, it is crucial that you are aware of such problems and defects.

Many things can cause a potential problem when it comes to your vehicle’s seatbelts. Some of them are under your control, like not properly latching your seatbelt, wearing it improperly, or not using it all. Some things, however, are completely the auto manufacturer’s fault.

Some buckles are placed in a position where they automatically become undone during an accident. This renders the entire seatbelt useless in the first place. Other seatbelts, generally those mounted on doors, may cause neck injuries leading to paralysis or even decapitation. Ford, Jaguar, and GMC have all had legal troubles over the years involving the seatbelts in their vehicles.

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