Defective Motorcycle Helmets Can Result In Serious Injuries

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Many people enjoy riding on motorcycles and it is quite a celebrated pastime. No longer are motorcyclists considered to be gang members or criminals. Motorcycle festivals and gatherings attract hundreds of thousands of visitors all around the world every year. Many motorcycle riders fail to realize how many motorcycles are actually recalled each year. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issues a list every year that contains dozens and sometimes even a hundred or more motorcycles that have been recalled. In 2008 alone more than 50 bikes were recalled for various safety issues. Some of the motorcycles were from well-known, highly trusted brands such as BMW, Buell, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and Harley-Davidson.

But, not all problems that result in a recall have the potential to injure the rider—some strictly affect the bike or its engine. Take for example the following 2008 Harley-Davidson models:

  • FLHP
  • FLHR
  • FLHT
  • FLHX
  • FLTR

The fuel filter shell on some of these makes is in danger of cracking, which will lead to decreased engine performance and could even cause the motorcycle to stall or prevent it from starting altogether. While this does not necessarily put the rider in danger, it is still inconvenient.

Motorcycle Helmets And Recalls

Although not every state has helmet laws in place for motorcycle riders, it is a proven fact that wearing a helmet can greatly increase your chances of surviving a serious motorcycle accident. However, the helmet you are wearing should meet safety standards. There are tests in place to help determine this. But some helmets are released onto the market without first taking these tests. As a result, a recall is usually issued once the safety tests are completed.

A prime example of this is the EBL Enterprises recall of their 100 series motorcycle helmets in March of 2008. An unreleased number of these helmets were sold to riders, but it was later found that these helmets do not conform to the impact safety requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 218, and as such, the line of helmets was promptly recalled. To compensate motorcycle riders who may have purchased the helmets, the manufacturer will provide refunds or a replacement helmet that does meet all the proper safety standards. If you have already been injured because of a defective helmet, the recall is simply too little too late, and you should definitely be considering contacting an Illinois motorcycle accident lawyer for legal action against EBL Enterprises.

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