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Month: January 2013

OSHA investigates work-related death of Illinois truck driver

Chicago readers may assume that work-related accidents take place mostly on construction sites. This may be true; however, other types of workplaces are not exempted from workplace accidents. Workplace accidents may come from trench collapse, dangerous tools or falls from …

Sleep-medicine dosages increase risk of car and truck accidents

We have all felt drowsy behind the wheel at one point or another, especially when traveling late at night or driving for hours at a stretch. But for long-haul truckers and other commercial motorists, drowsy driving is often a daily …

Distraction, fatigue, bad brakes caused fatal truck-train accident

In the wake of a fatal accident, it can take time to discern the accident’s cause or causes. Most of the time, however, the answer is tragically predictable. For example, the National Transportation Safety Board recently released the results of …