Nursing home abuse claims life of resident

Illinois residents may be aware of cases involving nursing home neglect. These cases are particularly disturbing as they relate to the elderly of society. Any neglect or abuse of the already frail and ailing victims may prove fatal. A recent case of Illinois elder abuse came to light when a living facility with a branch in Illinois was found to be negligent with a resident.

According to reports, a living center that has branches in multiple states is being held responsible for neglect and abuse that resulted in death. According to officials, the resident received head injuries after a fall. However, the injuries were left unattended and no treatment was provided for the victim. The injuries ultimately led to her death.

The health department conducted an investigation and released a report holding the living center responsible for not reporting the deteriorating condition of the deceased and not providing any timely medical assistance. According to the report, the victim developed a big lump on one side of the head and a smaller bump on other side as a result of the fall.

According to records, the deceased victim was prone to falling from the bed while trying to get out. She was not completely responsive and needed attention. The person was sent to the hospital after three days. According to the death certificate, the fall was stated as the cause of death.

The health department holds the center responsible for neglect. According to the report, the living center did not have any registered nurses on call for emergency situations. Only unlicensed staff was present in the center and they were not equipped to report any change in the condition of the residents.

The Illinois Nursing Home Act has provisions for payment of triple damages to the victim’s family. The laws seek to protect the elderly from abuse and mistreatment at the hands of nursing home staff. In the case of abuse or subsequent death of a loved one due to nursing home abuse, the family members of the victims have the right to file a personal injury claim. The advice of a professional may be sought to recover maximum compensation of the damage suffered.

Source: Star Tribune, “State: Columbia Heights assisted-living facility neglected resident who fell, died,” Paul Walsh, Jan. 22, 2013