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Month: September 2012

Chicago motorcycle accident causes fatal injuries to biker

Two weeks ago, the Avondale neighborhood on Chicago’s Northwest Side was the scene of a fatal crash. The motorcycle accident occurred at the intersection of Belmont Avenue and Kedzie Avenue, close by the Kennedy Expressway. According to investigators’ reports, the man on …

NTSB pushes for new design to reduce severity of train accidents

Chicago has long been a crucial railroad hub in the Midwest, and the city’s rapid development is wedded to the business that came via train. Unfortunately, the cost of progress can be high. While train accidents may not be as …

Report points finger at tire failure in deadly Megabus accident

Early last month on our Chicago blog we wrote of the Megabus accident in southern Illinois that claimed the life of one passenger and injured many others. Crash investigators have been looking into the incident, and two weeks ago the …