Nursing home deaths lead to lawsuit in Illinois

Chicago readers may know that nursing homes are built for older people and other patients who need extra supervision and assistance. These facilities should guarantee that their residents are properly cared for. Nursing homes should also provide and maintain a positive environment for the benefit of their patients. However, these facilities become a subject of scrutiny whenever elder abuse, nursing home neglect or even death occurs.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed against a nursing home could also be a Chicago nursing home neglect case. Accordingly, Rainbow Beach Nursing Center is being sued because of its negligence in connection with the death of a patient in January 2011.

The lawsuit claims that the South Side nursing home was negligent when it gave an inaccurate dosage of medication to the patient. The suit alleged that the dosage was too much. Also, it was believed that the nursing home failed to supervise and report the patient’s condition. The lawsuit also accused two doctors who recommended the said dosage. The suit seeks over $200,000 in damages.

Due to the fact that they care for older people and other patients, nursing homes should always consider the interests of the residents. Just like hospitals, nursing homes have the duty to exercise care when it comes to their patients. For instance, a nursing home can face liability for negligence in supervision and care as well as maintenance of the premises and equipment. Also, these facilities should hire skilled medical personnel and trained caregivers. The staff should be free from a history of violence or abuse. Failure to comply with these responsibilities can make the nursing home negligent in the event of abuse, accidents or deaths.

A resident injured due to nursing home negligence can be compensated. The compensation may cover all the necessary costs related to the injuries or complications. If the case led to death, the immediate family may recover damages through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Nursing home blamed in wrongful death lawsuit,” Jennifer Delgado, Jan. 2, 2013