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Tag: investigation

First personal injury suit filed over last week’s CTA train crash

Last week, we wrote about the bizarre accident involving two Chicago Transit Authority trains. Some 33 people aboard a stationary train were injured when an apparently unmanned second train (also operated by the CTA) crashed into it. The accident is …

Police: Driver fled after fatal motorcycle accident in Maywood

A woman has been charged in connection with a fatal motorcycle accident in Maywood. The collision took the life of a young man from Bellwood, and police say the woman fled the scene. She later turned herself in, reportedly after …

OSHA investigates work-related death of Illinois truck driver

Chicago readers may assume that work-related accidents take place mostly on construction sites. This may be true; however, other types of workplaces are not exempted from workplace accidents. Workplace accidents may come from trench collapse, dangerous tools or falls from …