Leaf blower recalled after injuries

With fall quickly approaching in Illinois many homeowners are headed to the yards to start fall cleanup. They do this with the help of many different tools meant to make the job easier. These tools can save time for many of the people who own them. However, these tools also carry a certain amount of risk when using them.

This risk is obvious to many people who own power tools. However, a product defect can increase this risk to consumers. Apparently, according to news reports, this is what is recently happened with one consumer product.

Reports claim that Black & Decker is recalling a three-in-one electric blower, vacuum, mulcher due to a safety hazard. In this recall about 560,000 blowers have been recalled. There are three effected model numbers. Reports claim that on these affected models a fan cover can unexpectedly fall off the product. This has caused some consumers to be injured when their fingers come in contact with the fan. At least four people have reported suffering a laceration as a result of this defect.

Consumers are warned to contact the company and to stop using these products. The company will apparently send a repair kit to eligible consumers so that the fan cover can be replaced. This will hopefully stop further injuries from occurring as a result of using these products.

Companies across Illinois are responsible for making sure the products that reach the market are safe for consumers. When companies produce products that cause injuries, they can be held legally responsible for these accidents and lapses in consumer safety. In a product liability lawsuit, individuals can receive compensation for their injuries. A Chicago product liability suit can help families move on financially from these tragic accidents.

Source: WAND 17, “Black & Decker Blower Recalled,” Doug Wolfe, Sept. 13, 2016