When should you consider litigation for a defective car?

For many people in Illinois, their car is extremely important to them. For them, their car is trusted to get them where they need to go and keep them safe along the way. And, in most cases, this is exactly what happens. Cars are equipped with many safety features meant to prevent accidents. If accidents do occur, these cars have many safety features designed to prevent injuries.

However, in order for these safety features to prevent accidents and injuries, they have to be properly designed and manufactured. But, what happens when this isn’t the case? When a car isn’t safe and injuries result, should people take legal action?

While this blog post cannot provide specific legal advice, Illinois residents should know that they can file a suit against a car manufacturer. Car companies are strictly liable when product defects result in injuries or death to individuals.

There are many types of defects that can lead to a lawsuit. These can include damage to the exterior of the car, defects to the car’s electrical, exhaust or engine systems, issues with the passenger compartment or even problems with the car’s steering or brakes. Defects can also include problems with the car’s assembly.

Unlike other types of civil suits, auto part defect cases do not need to include a showing of carelessness by the manufacturer. This means that the car’s manufacturer does not need to be negligent in order for someone to bring a lawsuit.

There are many reasons why a person may consider a Chicago product liability lawsuit following a car accident. If a defect in the car caused the accident, Illinois residents should consider a product liability suit. An attorney can give specific legal advice to people in these situations.

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