Moving forward from a work-related death

There are many different reasons why people go to work. Some people really enjoy what they do. Other people need to support a family. Others simply enjoy getting out of the house. Whatever the reason that Illinois residents get up and go to work, they should be safe on the job.

In fact, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that workers are safe on the job. Employers need to follow federal and state workplace safety rules. These rules are essential in keeping people free of injuries while at work.

Unfortunately, not every Illinois employer takes these rules seriously. Many workers are therefore injured on the job. More seriously, many workers are even killed while at work. These work related deaths are devastating to these workers’ families and to the communities where they live.

Following a workplace fatality, it can be difficult for family members to move on. They may not realize that they have legal rights and options when it comes to their lost loved one. State laws allow workers’ families to take legal action against an employer following a work-related death.

But, this can be easier said than done. As people are mourning the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to take the necessary legal steps required to collect compensation from an employer. This is where our law firm can help.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling these sensitive cases. We know the legal technicalities and the strict time lines that must be followed in order for families to get compensation following the death of a loved one. We also understand that this compensation can be vital to these families as they try to move forward from a fatal workplace accident.

As hard as it can be to take that first step, our firm can ensure that the case moves forward as families mourn and heal. For more information about our law firm and work related deaths in Illinois, please see our workers’ compensation webpage.