Nursing home neglect may happen in Chicago

Nursing homes are facilities built for elders and patients who need special supervision and long-term medical care. Nursing homes should provide an environment suitable for the patients’ conditions. Nursing home residents may have suffered from physical or mental disorders like a cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s disease and other illness. Residents, such as elders and sick children, may be vulnerable to child neglect, elder abuse and nursing home abuse.

Chicago nursing home neglect cases may find the recent report valuable. According to the report, a 14-year-old child died in a nursing home in Florida. As stated by the child’s family, she was taken from her home to a nursing home in Miami Dade County although the family was against the move. The social worker supposedly suggested that Miami Gardens would be appropriate for the child. The patient had cerebral palsy and seizures.

Unfortunately, after the girl arrived at the nursing home, she was sent to Jackson North Medical Center and died of a heart attack. The report stated that the medical staff at the nursing home failed to give the patient life-saving medications as well as food. It also noted that when the patient was having trouble breathing, the staff allegedly did not attempt to call a doctor. The incident is another reported case related to nursing homes; an incident that can happen anywhere in the country.

There are several reasons why nursing home abuse or death happens sometimes. Contributing factors may be that the nursing home has staff that is inadequately trained. Another possibility is that the nursing home facility and equipment have not been maintained properly. In this type of situation, if evidence proves that negligence is the cause of injuries, complications or death of elders or other patients, the nursing home may be accountable for the damages.

Nursing homes residents who suffered abuse or neglect may be compensated. The patient may be eligible for compensation to help with expenses needed for recovery from physical or emotional suffering. In the event of death, the patient’s family may claim compensation by means of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: Miami Herald, “A child’s sad death in a Florida nursing home,” Carol Marbin Miller, Nov. 12, 2012