Illinois nursing home named in wrongful death lawsuit

Illinois residents already know that nursing homes are meant to render adequate care for the people in our society who experience deteriorating physical and health conditions. The nursing home facilities and their staff are expected to provide proper care to every resident. If not, a nursing home may face legal responsibilities if a resident sustains bed sores, other injuries or death.

The following report tells of a lawsuit filed in southern Illinois in connection with the death of a woman in a nursing home. It should serve as an example to local residents who want to avoid becoming a victim of Chicago nursing home neglect. According to the report, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Midwest Rehabilitation and Respiratory Center. Senior HealthCare Management, headquartered in Chicago, was also named as a defendant.

The suit alleged that during the deceased woman’s stay at the nursing home, the resident suffered pressure sores and a broken left tibia.

Allegedly, the nursing home and its staff were negligent in providing proper supervision and treatment to the victim. They also failed to inform the victim’s physician about the change in her condition. The victim’s estate administrator noted that the nursing home’s negligence resulted in the victim’s emotional distress, loss of ability to enjoy normal way of life and additional medical expenses.

The suit also claimed that Senior Healthcare Management, the operator of the nursing home, failed to render proper care and protect the victim against neglect. It was also alleged that the operator failed to supervise its employees and staff, as well as failed to address the problems in the facility.

The wrongful death lawsuit is asking for damages of $100,000, including legal fees.

Nursing home negligence may arise due to several factors. These factors may include failure to hire and train competent employees, failure to maintain the premises properly for the residents as well as failure to supervise and care for the elders. If any of these failures contributed to the nursing home injury or death, the nursing facility and any third party involved may be liable.

Under such circumstances, the family who lost a loved one due to nursing home neglect may be compensated through a wrongful death lawsuit. While the lawsuit won’t replace the victim’s life, the compensation may ease the family’s burden of medical costs, funeral expenses, loss of companionship and emotional damages.

Source: Madison-St. Clair Record, “Belleville nursing home accused of negligence in wrongful death claim,” Kelly Holleran, May 20, 2013