Illinois construction accident leaves 1 man dead

Illinois residents are employed in a variety of jobs, some of which pose great risks to workers. Workers in Chicago may be aware that construction and repair work is different from many other jobs, in that some workers risk their health and welfare on a daily basis. Chicago work-related deaths might occur due to someone’s negligence or as the result of an employer’s failure to maintain a workplace free of hazards.

Construction accidents can be caused by unsafe ladders and scaffolding, dangerous tools, dangerous electrical circuits and defective roof structures. Recently in Rockford, Illinois, a 53-year-old man was killed at a major warehouse. The victim was working on a ceiling when he was electrocuted.

Based on the autopsy performed by the county coroner’s office, electrocution was the cause of death. Officials stated that another employee heard a noise, rushed toward the victim and took him down from the ladder. The employee then performed CPR on the victim until more help arrived.

Emergency responders quickly made it to the scene and took the victim to the local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Dependents of the deceased may file a wrongful death suit against the victim’s employer under certain circumstances. This suit will help the family in determining whether the company was negligent or failed to provide safety equipment for the victim. Similar issues may arise during the process, which will determine who is responsible or liable for damages.

Once the negligent party is determined, dependents of victims may ask for compensatory damages. Plaintiffs may also need the help of an attorney during the process. A trustworthy attorney may help in settling an amount of compensation that would fairly and accurately compensate the family for their emotional and financial damages.

Source: Belleville News Democrat, “Rockford maintenance worker electrocuted,” Jan. 31, 2013