Illinois summer boating accident: final report

The area around Chicago, Illinois, near Lake Michigan, is considered a recreational area. When the weather is right, recreational activities like jet skiing, kayaking and boating are favorite recreational activities. However, especially for those who might not have as much experience in these sports, accidents may result. These accidents can lead to the worst of Illinois serious injuries, and can have fatal consequences just like car accidents.

Last summer, two people died in a Bombardier Recreational Products trial-run crash. The preliminary reports state that the operator’s inattentiveness and reckless operation were the reasons. The two boats were traveling on Rend Lake, when one boat-a Speedster-turned sharply into the path of the other-a Challenger. The Challenger ran over the Speedster, ejecting its operator. The body of the ejected person was recovered the next day.

The Speedster continued to travel, without the operator, onto land until it struck a tree, killing one of its passengers. The Speedster driver had allegedly been drinking, but the final investigative report was indefinite as to whether machinery or equipment failure contributed to the incident.

This fatal boating accident resulted in three people being injured and two people dying. Because charges are pending, not all information related to the accident has been released. So, prospective plaintiffs may have to wait until the investigation is completed. If machinery failure turns out to be the cause, the owner of the boat who caused the mishap could be held liable for the plaintiffs’ compensation or restitution.

Chicago residents who sustain injuries or who suffer the death of family members due to recreational activities should consult legal professionals for guidance. Competent, experienced and specialized legal help assures victims of obtaining adequate compensation for their losses.

Source:, “Operator faulted in BRP crash report,” Reagan Haynes, Feb. 07, 2013