How to reclaim life after nursing home abuse

If you have a loved one who has been a victim of nursing home abuse, you know how traumatic the entire process can be. From the abuse itself to the legal arguments to finding and trusting a new caretaker, it can take a toll on even the strongest individual.

Most adults in nursing homes are unable to care for themselves, and these issues do not go away simply because there was an abuse problem at the last home. This means that, as his or her loved one, you are required to find a new place that he or she feels safe in. While this job on its own is a big task, it is important that your loved one heal emotionally after the abuse.

Allow time for physical healing

The first step is to ensure that any physical problems resulting from nursing home abuse are treated and addressed. Your loved one cannot move on and heal emotionally if he or she is still injured or ill.

Take a personalized approach

Many people may tell you what to do and how to help your loved one get through the abuse. As with any other traumatic situation, each person is different and will have different needs. As much as possible, allow your loved one to be involved in the decision-making process and never let him or her feel any shame for the abuse.

Seek professional services

Abuse recovery centers exist for this exact purpose because close to 10 percent of elderly nursing home patients will be abused at some point. Take advantage of professional services that are available to you, including group and individual counseling sessions.

Get the compensation you need to move forward

If you are facing the reality of nursing home abuse, there are expenses you probably are not prepared for. As you focus on healing and re-settling your loved one, speak to an attorney about your opportunities for compensation and financial solutions that work for everyone.