Birth control device sparks medical products liability lawsuit

Women in Illinois and across the country who use implantable birth control products are putting a significant amount of trust in the manufacturer that these items will be safe for use. Given the intimate nature of these devices, any danger should be clearly elucidated to those who are considering the implant or are already using it. Those who are put at risk for damage in the long or short-term or have already been harmed need to understand their rights to be compensated with a Chicago products liability lawsuit.

Bayer is being sued by 32 women because the company failed to provide an adequate warning about the potential of severe health issues that could be linked to Essure, a non-surgical birth control implant. This device is comprised of polyester fibers and nickel-titanium. The Food and Drug Administration approved it in 2002. The way it works is the insert is put into the woman’s fallopian tubes — one in each. After three months have passed, there will be scar tissue that will stop a woman from becoming pregnant.

The company did not disclose that the implant has been linked to bleeding, memory problems and loss of hair. The FDA heard testimony from numerous women who spoke of their experiences with this device. A legal filing was made on behalf of these 32 women. They allege that Bayer was aware of the dangers and failed to notify the public. According to Bayer, three-quarters of a million women have used this product. Bayer asserts that the dangers involved with Essure are low.

Consumer safety should be one of the prevailing factors that a company thinks about when it formulates a product. Unfortunately, there are times when the company is either unaware that their product was dangerous or they chose not to inform the public of the risks because they did not want to interfere with their bottom line and profits. When there is a fear that a product has caused damage or might cause damage in the future, it is important to consider a medical products liability lawsuit as soon as possible.

Source:, “Dozens of women file suit over Essure health risks,” Jennifer Meckles, March 18, 2016