What are recreational water illnesses?

People expect recreation activities in Illinois to be fun, exciting and engaging. However, very few people engage in recreational activities expecting to suffer from serious injuries — especially not fatal injuries. However, individuals should know that there are risks to even seemingly benign recreational activities. These risks are increased when property owners and other caretakers fail to follow basic safety steps to keep Illinois residents safe.

As many Illinois residents know, recreational swimming can be a fun and exciting activity for individuals throughout the state. People of all ages enjoy going into the water and having fun. However, there is some risk to recreational water usage. Specifically, there is the risk of a relational water illnesses.

Recreational water illnesses occur when people swallow or inhale germs spread through infected water. This water can be from hot tubs, water play areas, interactive fountains, swimming pools or natural water sources. Or, these serious illnesses can be caused by chemicals in the water that evaporate and cause poor air-quality conditions.

In these cases, people can suffer from a variety of serious consequences. These include neurological and wound infections, gastrointestinal issues, skin, ear, respiratory and eye issues.

Any infection has the potential to lead to serious injuries in Illinois and even death. When recreational activities lead to a wrongful death, families of victims need to understand how to react. These families may have legal rights if negligent parties are responsible for the injuries or accidents. These legal rights can include the right to compensation for their losses. An attorney can give these families specific legal advice on how to move forward in their cases.