Worker killed in crane accident at Illinois construction site

From time to time, a news report emerges about a construction worker being killed in an accident, either in Illinois or somewhere else in the country. These tragedies aren’t always surprising, because construction is one of the most inherently dangerous industries. However, the death of a worker at a construction site is something that should not be ignored. That is why laws in Illinois entitle many survivors of deceased workers to claim compensation.

In a recent construction accident in Edwardsville, Illinois, a 31-year-old construction worker was killed after being crushed by the boom of a 150-ton-capacity crane. The incident occurred while the victim was working on the boom of the crane at ground level. As news reports have noted, the boom suddenly came down on the victim, crushing and killing him. Witnesses freed the victim before the paramedics arrived but unfortunately the worker still succumbed to his injuries.

The victim was part of a construction crew that was working on an expansion project of an existing warehouse in Edwardsville. Reports state that a routine autopsy and toxicology tests will be conducted per protocol to confirm whether the worker was intoxicated at the time of the accident. Federal investigators from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration were informed of the deadly event and the agency will conduct an investigation into the Illinois construction site accident.

Incidents such as a fatal Illinois construction site injury can lead to a lot of difficulties for the family of the deceased worker. The situation is worse if the worker had dependent family members. Many construction accidents, such as falls from heights or trench collapses, can be prevented if adequate safety measures are taken at construction sites. Therefore, after an incident such as this, an OSHA investigation plays a key role in determining whether the employer’s negligence led to the accident. If it is established, the survivors may choose to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for the accident-related expenses.

Source:, “Worker dies after being crushed by crane,” Nathan Grimm, Jan. 13, 2015