Winter months brings new set of potential dangers

With the change of the seasons and the winter months upon is, Chicagoans engage in a new set of recreational activities. When the snow rolls in, some of us like to just sit with our coffee or hot chocolate or tea beside the fire with a blanket, watching the flakes fall. Others fully embrace the outdoors, and head out to ski slopes, or drive out to the country to hop on a snow mobile. Others still just like a sheet of ice and lace up their ice skates for some casual skating, figure skating, or ice hockey.

If you are the more adventurous type, it is important to recognize the risks associated with these recreational activities. While accidents can happen to any one at any time, if it is due to the neglect of an establishment or resort that led to the injury, a victim may be entitled to compensation. Knee and head injuries are not uncommon for those skiing and skating. It may have been faulty equipment, or a negligent person out with you, or perhaps it was the conditions where you were participating that were unsatisfactorily maintained. The possibilities are endless.

For those hitting the snow on a snow mobile, trails must be properly maintained to prevent possible hazardous conditions. It may not even be the conditions of the trails that lead to an accident. Faulty machinery or dangerous or defective equipment may have been the culprit.

If you have suffered an Illinois serious injury, you may wish to speak with a law firm familiar with personal injury or product liability to see whether you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Lawyers at our firm can use their experience for their client’s benefit.

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