What other jobs could result in Chicago work-related deaths?

Last week this blog discussed several types of occupations that are inherently dangerous. Airline pilots, animal care workers, construction workers and emergency medical technicians all face significant workplace hazards. These hazards are amplified if employers do not take the proper precautions to keep their workers safe. What are some other professions that could cause Chicago work-related deaths?

Enlisted military personnel face many workplace hazards. Being deployed to war zones and working with potentially deadly equipment can cause a work-related death. The job is also extremely stressful, the effects of which could cause post-traumatic stress disorder.

Firefighting is also an inherently dangerous profession. The National Fire Protection Association reports that in 2014, 64 firefighters lost their lives on the job. In over 50 percent of these fatalities, cardiac problems were the cause of death.

Truck drivers also see their fair share of workplace hazards on a daily basis. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 over 750 truck drivers died on the job. The threat of a motor vehicle accident is omnipresent, particularly when a worker must drive for long hours. In addition, maintaining trucks and crime are also problems that could lead to a work-related death.

Lumberjacks also are subject to many workplace hazards. They work with dangerous equipment such as logging machines and chain saws. They also often work in inclement weather conditions, and the sheer weight and force of logs after they fall or slide also pose a workplace hazard. In 2013, 62 loggers lost their lives on the job.

Corrections officers also face significant workplace dangers. According to the American Correctional Association, these workers can suffer fatal injuries due to incidents of violence such as assaults that occur when the corrections officers must confront an inmate. Police officers also face similar dangers. In fact, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, in 2014 over 125 police officers lost their lives on the job.

These are only some professions in which worker safety must be paramount. If an employer fails to take all the steps necessary to ensure their employees’ safety, an otherwise preventable workplace death could occur. In these situations, the deceased’s loved ones may want to consider taking legal action.

Source: CBS News, “10 of the most dangerous jobs,” Bruce Kennedy, July 22, 2015