Truck driver and company sued by family of Illinois trooper

Both of our posts last week focused on the fatal truck accident along Interstate 88 that injured an Illinois state trooper and killed a Tollway worker. Truck driver fatigue was blamed for the accident and the truck driver responsible is facing several felony charges.

The trooper remains in the intensive care unit in serious condition, with injuries that include second and third-degree burns, fractured ribs, a fractured clavicle and multiple cuts on his head and face. He has reportedly remained under sedation since the crash. Recently, however, the trooper and his wife became plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against the truck driver and DND International Inc., the company the driver works for. This is according to an article that appeared today in the Chicago Tribune.

After a serious motor vehicle accident caused by driver negligence, a personal injury (or wrongful death) lawsuit is common, and is usually both necessary and appropriate. Even if criminal charges apply, victims still need to be compensated for things like medical bills, missed work and other significant costs.

In this particular case, the plaintiffs are suing for economic damages, disability and disfigurement, pain and suffering. The 38-year-old trooper and his wife have two young children at home; which likely makes this tragedy even more difficult to face. The lawsuit seeks more than $1 million in damages.

Piecing one’s life back together after a devastating event like this is often an overwhelming prospect. As a result of a truck driver’s decision to ignore safety rules and work much longer than legally allowed, one victim’s family is preparing for a funeral while the other victim’s family waits anxiously for medical news.

This crash should not have happened; a sentiment that is reflected in criminal charges and a civil lawsuit.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Lawsuit filed by trooper hurt in crash that killed worker,” Meredith Rodriguez, Feb. 11, 2014