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Tag: derailments

Tomorrow marks 10th anniversary of a major Illinois train accident

Most Chicago readers will no doubt remember a tragic transportation accident that is about to have its 10th anniversary. On February 9, 2003, a tanker train on its way to Chicago and carrying thousands of gallons of caustic chemicals suddenly …

Derailed train injures passengers, narrowly avoids coal cars

Chicago residents have many choices when it comes to rail transportation. Amtrak, Metra and the venerable ‘L’ provide countless options for business and pleasure travel. But rail tracks require frequent inspection and maintenance; failure to examine tracks in a satisfactory …

NTSB pushes for new design to reduce severity of train accidents

Chicago has long been a crucial railroad hub in the Midwest, and the city’s rapid development is wedded to the business that came via train. Unfortunately, the cost of progress can be high. While train accidents may not be as …