FSIS announces a product recall for consumer safety

For the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, consumer safety is a top priority. This agency prevents Illinois defective products from reaching consumers and initiates product recalls whenever the products are already released to the public.

Recently, the FSIS announced that AdvancePierre Foods is recalling 1,200 pounds of chicken fried chicken breasts. The chicken meat was believed to be contaminated with small pieces of metal. The company reportedly received two complaints pertaining to their product.

An investigation revealed that a metal tool fell into the grinder. The debris was discovered by the company’s metal detectors, yet the products slipped through and were packaged and delivered. The company and FSIS have not received any reports of injuries related to the consumption of the products.

Residents of Chicago, Illinois should watch out for these products. If they have already consumed them, they will need to consult a physician. Small pieces of metal could lead to poisoning and other infections inside a person’s body. Food processing companies should be more careful when producing edible products as they may endanger the health of their consumers.

The plaintiff in a product liability case has to prove that the manufacturer is liable for any injuries sustained after using or consuming the product. Plaintiffs may face this case alone or choose to find a legal professional for assistance.

Legal professionals may work with other professionals like doctors in order to determine the extent of injuries sustained due to a defective product. From there, the plaintiffs may decide on the amount of desired compensation for medical treatment. The plaintiff may also add economic losses as part of the compensation.

Source: Enidnews.com, “AdvancePierre recalls chicken products,” Jan. 25, 2013