Chicago lawyers for those injured in recreational activities

Many Illinois residents love outdoor recreational activities like such as boating and jet skiing. Unfortunately, these outdoor activities can sometimes end in serious injury or even death. Many accidental injuries are caused every year due to sporting activities. The attorneys at The Healy Law Firm have years of experience in pursuing compensation for personal injury victims.

A boating accident or jet skiing accident can cause serious head injuries including brain injuries, neck injuries and spinal injuries. Injuries like this can result in overwhelming medical expenses, as well severe disability and loss of enjoyment of life.

Illinois law requires that all persons organizing, participating in or supervising recreational activities act with reasonable care. When a person fails to exercise the degree of care a reasonable person would exercise in the same situation, that failure is negligence under the law. An individual who sustains injury due to the negligence of another party has the right to bring a personal injury lawsuit and recover damages including compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity and pain and suffering.

In the event the negligence of a person or other entity leads to the death of a person, the surviving relatives may have the right to recover damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. Illinois law allows recovery of damages including medical and funeral expenses, loss of financial support and loss of care, comfort and companionship.

A serious injury can have lifelong consequences. For more information about how the attorneys at the Healy Law Firm can help, please visit our Chicago Personal Injury Attorney web page.