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Nursing home neglect lawsuit filed after man's death

Illinois residents often need to rely nursing homes to take care of elderly loved ones. These medical facilities are supposed to provide the day-to-day and medical care that their residents need. However, many facilities fall short of these expectations and nursing home residents are subject to injuries from abuse or neglect. In these cases, legal remedies may be available, which can be seen by one recent case.

What types of medication errors occur in nursing homes?

With America's population aging, many families face difficult situations when their love ones are no longer able to care for themselves. Many people wish that their family members would be able to continue to live independently, but this is not the reality for many in our state. When people notice that an elderly family member is no longer able to care for him or herself, they may wonder about their elderly loved one's long-term care options.

Filing a products liability lawsuit following an injury

Most Illinois residents purchase consumer goods on a fairly regular basis. Many of these goods are supposed to be harmless. In fact, people often expect them to be good for them. Products like clothing, food and children's toys are supposed to carry little or no risk to consumers.

Medications and product liability

People across the United States rely on medications in order to remain healthy. Especially as the American population ages, more people are taking non-prescription and prescription medication on a daily basis. Without this medicine, many people would struggle with health issues and may have a reduced quality of life.

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