How Does a Car Accident Lawyer Assist their Client?

Car accidents remain one of the leading causes of injury, damages, and death in America, and yet many lawyers in Illinois and elsewhere treat them as an inconvenience. Many car accident lawyers in Chicago, IL would rather settle car accident cases as quickly as possible, sacrificing justice in the name of quick case closures. But here at Healy Scanlon, we believe in fighting for our clients and taking their cases to court, if necessary.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident that has resulted in damages, injury, or death, then you will need the help of a top car accident attorney team, one that can help you get the justice and compensation that you deserve. But how do car accident lawyers in Chicago, IL help their clients? Here are a few ways.

1. Build Your Case

While many people think that building a case is as easy as providing testimony, there are many different aspects of building a case that will increase your chances of getting justice. The right car accident lawyers in Chicago, IL, will combine your testimony and important evidence with precedent made in other cases. This helps build a case that is more likely to win and more likely to convince the judge that you were the victim and are in need of compensation.

2. Determine Your Compensation

Many car accident cases can get very complicated in a short amount of time. Between proving fault, insurance claims, health issues, and more, figuring out just what constitutes the right compensation and punishment can be complicated. The right car accident lawyers in Chicago, IL can help you not only build your case but also negotiate the right amount to cover your costs and help you work towards a new future. Without the right team behind you, these negotiations can fall apart, and you could end up with much less than you deserve.

3. Fight for Your Cause

Healy Scanlon is a firm of car accident lawyers in Chicago, IL who has a reputation for fighting for their clients. Our entire team has real court experience, which means they are willing and able to take your case as far as it needs to go. If your case is one that needs a judge rather than a boardroom, we are the lawyers who can fight your case in court and ensure that justice is served.

If you have been in a vehicular collision in Illinois that has resulted in damages, injury, or other consequences, then you will likely need the expert advice and help of car accident lawyers in Chicago, IL. We here at Healy Scanlon have decades of experience in helping people get the justice and compensation they deserve to help restart their lives after a car accident. We are known throughout Chicago as the firm that will take their clients’ cases to court instead of settling them as quickly as possible. That is because we believe in the power of justice and in fighting for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.