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When should you consider litigation for a defective car?

For many people in Illinois, their car is extremely important to them. For them, their car is trusted to get them where they need to go and keep them safe along the way. And, in most cases, this is exactly what happens. Cars are equipped with many safety features meant to prevent accidents. If accidents do occur, these cars have many safety features designed to prevent injuries.

Leaf blower recalled after injuries

With fall quickly approaching in Illinois many homeowners are headed to the yards to start fall cleanup. They do this with the help of many different tools meant to make the job easier. These tools can save time for many of the people who own them. However, these tools also carry a certain amount of risk when using them.

Regulation of Illinois nursing homes

Each year many more Illinois residents become unable to care for themselves. Baby boomers are rapidly reaching retirement age and starting to experience the many physical issues that can accompany getting older. While medical advancements have increased the quality of healthcare, not every disease is curable. There are many mental and physical conditions that require constant care and supervision as individuals age.

Moving forward from a work-related death

There are many different reasons why people go to work. Some people really enjoy what they do. Other people need to support a family. Others simply enjoy getting out of the house. Whatever the reason that Illinois residents get up and go to work, they should be safe on the job.

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