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Medical benefits under workers' compensation in Illinois

Many Illinois residents can suffer workplace injuries. These injuries can result in a lifelong impairment or disability and even Chicago work-related deaths. This time of year, when construction in the Chicago area is in full swing, there is a risk of fatal construction accidents, falls from heights, injuries due to dangerous tools and other related incidents.

University of Chicago hospital blamed for infant's brain damage

Some of the most vulnerable victims of medical malpractice are newborn infants. Problems and medical complications related to childbirth and delivery often lead to lifelong issues that cause long-term medical issues for newborns. In some extreme cases, the infant might even die due to the negligent actions of the supervising doctor or medical practitioner.

How the Pool and Spa Safety Act helps Illinois residents

Public swimming pools throughout the state of Illinois provide a haven for residents to enjoy their leisure time in the water. To ensure the safety of residents who visit, public pools have the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment at their facilities on a daily basis under the Pool and Spa Safety Act. All swimming pools with public access, even swimming pools within residential complexes, are bound by the provisions of the Act.

When Illinois seller's response to complaints are unsatisfactory

When a consumer is not satisfied with a product because of a defect, the first step that the person should take is to file a complaint with the seller. The process for filing such consumer complaints was discussed in an earlier blog post. As that blog post mentioned, it is the duty of a seller to respond to the complaint and to take it seriously. However, in certain cases, a consumer may not be satisfied with the seller's response. Nonetheless, that does not mean that the situation has been resolved. On the contrary, the consumer has the option of involving other appropriate people in order to resolve the situation.

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