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Nursing home neglect case filed against Cook County nursing home

A nursing home is supposed to be a safe place for the residents. It is assumed that those residents will get the proper care from the nursing home staff. However, when that is not the case and nursing home neglect causes the elderly loved one to pass away, it can be devastating. In a recent incident, a Chicago family sued a Cook County nursing home for nursing home neglect.

Some basic measures that can help prevent medical negligence

Chicago residents probably know that the misdiagnosis of a medical condition can be costly and extremely traumatic. Similarly, medication, anesthesia or surgical errors can also have serious consequences. Such errors often occur due to a healthcare provider's negligence. While victims of such incidents have the option of suing, it is wise to try to prevent such incidents in the first place. After all, prevention is a better option than a cure, if a person is given a choice.

OSHA fines Illinois scrap metal company for violating rules

Manufacturing and construction worksites are typically hazardous environments. Heavy machinery and equipment, ladders and other dangerous tools may make these kinds of work sites potentially dangerous work zones. If any worker is injured in a workplace accident, Illinois law requires that the company responsible for the injuries provide workers' compensation. However, employers in this situation may be subject to government-imposed fines, as well.

Star safety ratings provide information about crash protection

Residents of Chicago, Illinois, may know from experience that all vehicles destined for sale in the United States are required to meet federal motor vehicle safety standards. Failure to meet these safety standards can result in product liability claims. If a claim is successful, the automobile manufacturer is held responsible for the consequences.

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